Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I completely suck

I never remember to update my blog! I guess I have a lot to catch up on.

Reagan- Well, she's a little stinker, that's for sure. She seriously gets into EVERYTHING. I have to watch her constantly. She still won't say mama or dada, but she says puppy and buck. She absolutely loooooves looking at deer mounted on the wall. I guess she'll fit in with the Doyles and the Daubs. And she tries to say Elmo, but it sounds more like Aaaoh. She dressed up like a skunk for the Tower City Halloween parade last Wednesday. Surprisingly, on Thursday, Brad's uncle Boonie dropped off an envelope with $5 in it. She won a prize. My mom and I are planning on taking her in the Lykens parade on Tuesday. Or was it Monday? I forget, I'll have to ask.

Unfortunately, the pictures from the parade didn't turn out too well. Here is one of us, though.

And here is a picture from Sunday of Reagan and I at Pam's house when we went to visit Pam's new baby.

Edited to add: Last Friday Reagan also FINALLY got a new tooth on the top. She's had her two bottom teeth for months.