Sunday, July 29, 2007


Lord, lord, lord, good ole AmyZ. Amy is awesome! She's like a short, Florida version of me. Honestly! We both like to drink. We both love, um, cheer. And we both love FOOTBALL. Unfortunately, Amy likes the Florida Gators, while I know that Notre Dame is THE team. :p

But Amy is more than just a drunken party girl. She's an awesome person. She really cares about the kids she teaches at daycare, and she's been known as an awesome potty trainer! She's also always there for the people who matter most, her family. On top of all this, SHE CRACKS ME UP!!!

All and all, you won't find a much better person than AmyZ, and that's the God's Honest TRUTH!!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

2 quick things...

1. Ray got her first 2 teeth today!

2. Governor Ed Spendell still didn't sign the budget, so it looks like tomorrow is Day #1 of being furloughed.