Thursday, August 23, 2007

The One, The Only, TIGGER

This round of the Ego Booster Challenge, I get to write about Tigger. There's soooo much I could say about her, so I'll just start from the beginning. I originally met Tigger on sb.c. To be honest, I was ascared of her at first. She was sooo funny and so well liked right from the start. It was kind of intimidating! She and I reged there at about the same time, but I didn't realize she was a newbie, too, because she was so popular! I didn't start talking to her until her silly "party" threads and the soap opera thread with Brooke and Photoman. Once I started talking to her, I realized she wasn't just an icon, she's utterly hilarious! And we have the same sense of humor- that of a 12 year old boy. Oh, and I will never, ever forget (unless I catch amnesia, then I might) the Fears, Phobias, and B***** *gag* Pasta thread!

Eventually we moved from sb.c to Scraplove. There is where I really got to know Tigger. It was actually at a Scraplove crop where I met her. I had the honor of sitting next to her at ECC #1. I still remember her matting pictures of teeth and putting them on pages that Friday because she was just too excited to do "real" scrapping. lol And then the next day I remember her waiting until noon to have an adult beverage. Haha, good times.

I don't even know how to sum Tigger up. I really don't. There's just so many wonderful things about her, I could probably go on for days. I'm not lying. I honestly can't think of anything BAD about Tigger. I've never heard her say anything negative about anyone. Even after drama that seems to happen on nearly every message board now and then, I never once heard her badmouth anyone. She is always there when anyone needs a friend and she's very dependable. And I really hope when I'm old like Tigger, that my marriage is like hers. She's a wonderful wife, and she knows what's important in a marriage. Eeyore really lucked out there.

I'm going to stop now because I have to meet Brad outside with a flashlight, but I really could go on and on. Oh, one more thing, though. She's one of the awesomest scrappers I know. If there's a line of layouts, I could pick out Tigger's easily because of her beautiful and unique style.

Ok, I really gotta go outside now. Love ya Tigger!